Saturday, 25 August 2012

pancakes that don't taste like cardboard

I don't like pancakes. I think they are pointless, tasteless, unhealthy, saucer shaped non-food items.

So, why am I talking about them?

 I found a recipe that I have since adapted to make even healthier and yummier. These are nothing like conventional cardboard tasting pancakes. These are yummy and healthy. My picky toddler will even eat them. I have also made this recipe using an egg replacement since my 10 month old daughter appears to be allergic to eggs, and since she just grabs food from people's plates, I didn't want her to get sick.

Here it is:

In a blender add

1 cup of (uncooked) rolled oats
1 cup of cottage cheese
cinnamon (as much or little as you like)
a handful of hemp hearts
either 6 egg whites, or the equivalent of three eggs with egg replacer (I mix the egg replacer with coconut milk for even more flavour and healthiness)
a dash of salt, a dash of sugar if you want


You may need to add a little bit more water/coconut milk to get the right consistency of batter if you use the egg replacer

Cook as you normally would cook a pancake.

Top with fruit, or eat on its own. They are actually that flavourful- they don't require gallons of syrup to make up for tasting like cardboard!

xo Jo

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