Thursday, 25 October 2012

Kafka Kafka Kafka

I love Kafka- or rather I love Kafka's literature. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have loved him, as he seems to have been a fairly weird and moody person that would have annoyed me to no end. But I love his writing. I love teaching his literature.

And I love mixed media and collage. But I do not love so much the current trends of mixed media wherein one buys stamps, stencils, stickers, paper and ready made ephemera and crap and then assembles it, smears it with paint or whatever and calls it art. That is an insult to real artists, to people who make their own stuff, from scratch, who are original and innovative-- who are moved by an experience and create something to reflect their relationship to things they have REALLY EXPERIENCED. I'm not interested in a bunch of crap they bought at Michael's.

Here is a mixed media homage to Kafka. Because for more than a decade I have been moved by his writings and his persona. Because I am about to embark on the writing of a course that will again, after a 6 year hiatus include one of his stories. Because he was an artist.

xo Jo