Wednesday, 18 July 2012

today I am a rainbow

As I was wandering around my yard, dead-heading flowers, pulling devious weeds, and just generally inspecting and  enjoying my garden, I began thinking about what a wild crazy mix of colours I had going on in the garden. And what a good thing that it is too. It is a rainbow, and as nature would design it, they all work together in perfect harmony. The more colourful it is, the more the colours start to hum and resonate together. No wonder the rainbow has been used by so many people and groups to celebrate the essentiality of difference and variation as a key component to a harmonious society: gay pride groups, anti-racism groups, multi-culturalism-- basically anything that celebrates the spectrum of ways of being in the world

And hope. Of course there are Biblical roots the rainbow's significance for hope, but hope is also embodied in the calming harmonious nature of the rainbow's perfect spectrum.

So, here's to difference, variation, harmony and hope.

xo Jo