Sunday, 26 February 2012

Doodling around

I like colour, but sometimes I like the minimalist simplicity of black pen and blank page (that's a bit of tongue twister!). I think I am torn between being a gypsy and a minimalist. I love what both extreme ends of the spectrum offer in terms of creative spirit. At one end, the cluttered profusion of excess and satiation, at the other, the spare openness of possibility.
 I guess even when I am being minimalist, I am still a gypsy ;)

Some of these sketches were done just prior to my daughter being born, some just after. I swung wildly between prolific creativity and epic fatigue.

All were done as participation in the sketchbook project.  My daughter was born October 14.

 It was hard to let it go.

 But it's gone to a good home.

 xo jo


Karen said...

I love love love these! The bird is especially wonderful. I have been eyeing zentangles, which these remind me of, for awhile but haven't really tried them. This might just inspire me to find a nice black pan and start doodling!

Jolene said...

These were inspired by a foray into zentangle land. I like the zentangle idea, but felt it a bit limiting, so had to take the idea and run with it. There is a great website- you may have already seen it-- which is a great place to learn the basic patterns.

Karen said...

Thanks - I will check out that link. I really like your sketches, and how the different images frame the patterns.