Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Byzantine dreams

It just took me two and a half hours to get the kids to bed. What a gong show. Periodically, I found myself memorializing the life I had B.C., you know in the time Before Children. I used to make jewelry, a lot of jewelry. So as an ode to that past life, and to what I hope will become an important part of future life, once everyone learns to sleep around here, that is (they will learn to sleep, right?), here is some jewelry eye candy.

These pieces all feature an image from Byzantine art. At some point, B.C., I had become fascinated with the ancient and early Christian Byzantine era art, partly because of my own family's cultural background and partly because of its intense spiritual and aesthetic beauty. I clearly still had time to read and muse about such decadent ideas during that episode in my life. I vaguely remember wanting to somehow incorporate these images into jewelry.

The images are paired with gemstones such as amber, amethyst, lapis lazuli, agate and glass beads. They are worked in brass chains and are all about 20+"  long.

  I like the bird images for their spare simplicity. The vibrant blues and greens and rich red tones are particularly stunning.

Amber. Yum.

Lapis. Stunning colour.

Madonna and Child


Amethyst. Is it wrong to want to eat some of these gems? Perhaps I am just hungry.


Agate and glass.

All of these pieces are for sale. Contact me if you are interested in learning or seeing more. But most of all, enjoy the colour and the beauty.

xo Jo

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