Wednesday, 14 March 2012

one more reason to buy local and to buy organic

Do you like to chomp on these luscious beauties in winter?


I do. Well, at least I did. Not any more.

Check out the following article:

Tapped out: Water in California’s farm country is dangerously polluted

 One more (very scary) reason to buy local and to buy organic, to lobby for stricter environmental controls in agriculture, and to educate people about the dangers of chemical fertilizers and herbicides so that they can make better choices and so that growers will have to respond to buyers' demands for safer food.

 It kind of makes you wonder about the state of the water in Canada's farm/fruit belts- the Fraser Delta in B.C, the Okanagon, and Southern Ontario....


Thanks to Alison Parry for first posting this article.

xo Jo

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