Thursday, 10 May 2012

today I am black

 Charcoal, Ebony, Ash, Coal, Midnight, Raven, Licorice, Ink, Pitch, Jet, Obsidian, Onyx, Slate.

Black is the absence of light.  Once the colour of brides, now the colour of mourning. It is prim and sexy, dowdy and sophisticated. It is spare and luxurious. It is wealth and poverty. It is religion and sacrilege. Black embodies the fragility and robustness of our humanity. It speaks to our varied human contradictions.
Black sheep, black pride. Black velvet, black heart. In  the black, black and blue. Black flag, black shirt. Black eye, black out. Black velvet, black robe. Black and white, fade to black. Black belt, black watch. Black tie, black Maria. Black hole, black box. Black kettle, black pot. Black sun, black dog. Black magic, black Friday. Black comedy, black dwarf. Black market, black mail.    

 xo Jo

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