Saturday, 23 June 2012

radical radishes

So, last weekend, I was at Edmonton's Earth's General Store, one of my favorite places to go shopping. I was picking up my rain barrel- a re-purposed rig by the Hutterites of Southern Alberta. The two young men who hauled the barrels up from the colony were also selling radishes, and so when they pointed this out to me and I gazed upon their glorious size (the radishes, not the young men) and colour, I very happily purchased a bag of these under-rated beauties to go along with my other organic and delicious purchases.

Radish sandwich came to mind. But then I also recalled seeing a recipe for radish chips some time ago and thought I would give that a try, even though I couldn't find the recipe. That's never stopped me in the past. How hard can it be?

Super easy and more yummy than you can imagine!The finished taste is sort of earthy and spicy- sweet. This is the perfect way to enjoy them.

Slice the radishes fairly thin.

And look: each one is like a unique and beautiful snowflake:

Toss in peanut oil. Bake on a parchment lined bake sheet for about an hour at 300 degrees.

 Season lightly with salt, or whatever spices strike your fancy and munch them up. Then go set up your rain barrel before it rains....

xo Jo

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