Sunday, 26 February 2012

Today I Begin

Today is the first day of my venture into blog sphere. I will begin with a post about my visual art.

I love mixed media. I love that there are no rules. You can mix whatever you like together, and even if it turns out to be a "mistake," it still looks cool, and arty, and innovative. I don't like rules. I like to just dig in and make a mess, use whatever grabs my fancy and make something wonderful.

I love doodling and interesting, organic shapes, I love wild colours, soft colours, interesting colour combinations inspired by different cultures and travel.
I love incorporating little bits of ephemera- pretty paper, odds and ends, glitter, sparkles, gems--- stuff!
SO, today I begin to share my work and ideas with the great minds that have already embarked into this blogging life. I hope to meet many new friends and hope to inspire as much as I have been inspired by others.

xo jo


Karen said...

Wonderful indeed! I love the movement and the colours here. What colour media did you use? right now I am enjoying my Caran d'Ache neocolor II watersoluble pastels. (though enjoying typing that less than enjoy using them!)

Jolene said...

I am also using Caran d'Ache Neocolors as well as acrylics, inks, old fashioned pastels, old fashioned watercolours, - whatever is in my art cupboard.
I love the neocolors. They are so easy to work with.Thanks for the comments Karen!