Monday, 23 April 2012

53 photos, 52 weeks

So as an artistic challenge and to get better at using my fancy new camera, I decided to do a weekly photo challenge. It is last year's, but whatever. The prompts are simple and leave lots to the imagination and there isn't any pressure.  I just need something to help me focus so that I a actively learning.

Week 1
Weekly Theme: Trees

A good choice, considering it is spring and all. We don't have any leaves yet- the trees still look pretty barren and wintery. But the leaf buds are appearing. Remy, my 2 year old and I have been watching them appear for the last few days. They are starting to really green up on my chokecherry tree.

This will be a fun year in the garden. Remy really likes to help and be a part of everything, and he loves being outside. Today I cleaned out my flower beds and he was right in there with a garden spade. He squished an ant (yay) and a ladybug (boo), but that is part of learning. We watched a worm who was still a little sleepy move very slowly. He wasn't so impressed with that worm's lack of speed. The ground is still quite cold; the snow's only been gone a few days. I can't blame the worm for being so sluggish (?). 

Here is are two photo studies of my pear tree.

Next week's theme: Mother

xo Jo

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