Sunday, 8 April 2012

happy easter snow day!

You can tell it is spring in Alberta because it is snowing. I took this picture on April 4th. I could go back through my archives of photos and find similar ones year after year in April, and some in May.

We live in the north. Quite far north actually. Latitude 53. It is to be expected. People tend to compare the weather here to southern Ontario- Toronto, for instance (latitude 43), for instance, and that doesn't work.It may only look like a 10 degree differences, but that is quite a lot.

We are also located at a surprisingly high altitude, situated on a high prairie plateau at 2,192 ft.

When I was a kid, we used to have baseball tournaments on the Victoria Day long weekend, typically the third weekend in May. We would get sunburns on one of the days, and we would frequently be snowed out the next day, or vice versa.

Such is life in Edmonton, on the prairies, or more precisely on the border between prairie and boreal forest.

It's actually quite beautiful, if you can allow yourself the pleasure of enjoying nature.

The birds don't seem to mind too much.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day. A bonus snow day before we put away our winter gear.

Although it's kinda too bad the dog peed on the snow man....d'oh!

xo Jo

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