Wednesday, 11 April 2012

you say potato, I say plantain

I don't usually fry, let alone deep fry anything. But my recent trip to Cuba got me thinking about the humble plantain, and its yummy results as a fried chip.

It's simple. It's yummy. It satisfies the need to munch, if you have that urge, and is more nutritious than store bought potato chips. And they are simple to make!

You need:


peanut oil

Peel and cut plantains into little slices. Heat up oil on medium heat. Add plantains and let them sizzle:

When golden, remove, cool and eat. You can spice them up with cayenne, cumin and chili peppers, or sweeten them with cinnamon and sugar, or just eat them up plain.

Simple and yummy.

xo Jo

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